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Keynote Talks and Presentations

As Theology teachers we were always in need of an outside witness to bolster and reaffirm what we had been teaching in class (“Look, we’re not crazy! We know what we’re talking about!”).


That’s why we offer Keynote Talks and Presentations that can perfectly...

... fit into a program you already have planned

... provide Christo-centric and engaging content for an assembly

... deliver formation for teachers and leadership staff

List of Talks and Presentations

  • Vocation/ Discernment

  • Chaste Dating

  • Modesty/Your Worth- Girls Talk

  • True Masculinity- Boys talk

  • Authentic-Virtuous Men/Women

  • Our testimonies and how we got here 

  • Lectio Divina

  • Focus on Saint BFF’s

  • Heaven is the ultimate goal

  • The Eucharist breakdown (best finished with Adoration)

  • A talk for Campus Student Leadership

  • St. Catherine of Sienna’s bridge

  • The One, True Church- Schisms break down (includes a musical number)

If you don’t see a talk that you need, then don’t hesitate to reach out anyway.


Remember, we’ll work with you to provide what the Holy Spirit wants for your community!

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