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Full and Half Day Retreats


We have written and tested retreats that meet the most common needs of the local Church. But that doesn’t mean it’s one size fits all (one’s relationship with Christ isn’t that way). How the topics and themes are presented is uniquely catered to the spiritual needs, ages, and maturity of your community. That’s why we make sure to have a conversation with you beforehand to better know who we are being called to serve! 


Regardless if it’s a full day or a half day, our retreats are intentional and Christo-centric. 


We realize that witness supersedes instruction. That’s why we make sure to emphasize our testimonies - just as Saint Paul did. That is also why we include engaging activities. It’s a time to develop relationships and be the witness we are called to be.


Lastly, we do all the prep-work. All you have to provide is the location, the food (please!), the priest, small group leaders (if needed), and copies of materials. 

How this page works

Read about the services we provide and see which one best meets your current needs (Full or Half Day Retreats - if neither, then see our Keynote Talks and Presentations Page)

Then, discern which of the retreat themes and topics the Holy Spirit is guiding you to choose for your community. 

Lastly, reach out to us by sending us an email! No matter what, we'll make sure to answer all your questions and provide more details. 

"But what if the themes and topics don't match the Spirit's desires for us?" No problem! We are willing to discuss ways to make a retreat specifically catered to you. Just send us an email!

Full Day Retreats

Our full day retreats, regardless of the topic, are planned around the Sacraments. Both Mass and Adoration are the cornerstones.

We provide 3 talks throughout. 

  • Talks 1 and 2: Formation. The first two talks focus heavily on catechetical knowledge, coupled with applicable small group discussions and activities. 

  • Talk 3: The Commission. The last talk provides the challenge. It’s here that we call them to mission - to be disciples themselves and to go make disciples. Typically, we split up the guys and girls. 

Half Day Retreats

Our half day retreats, because of time, are perfect for directness. So, we focus more heavily on the Commission and the “so what” of the Gospel. 

(We also found that these draw a larger group because there’s less of a time commitment...) 


Our Half Day retreats are more flexible. So we can customize them to meet current needs. They’re more... “cafeteria style” (great for retreats, not for Catholicism…)

We provide 2 Talks throughout:

  • Talk 1: Formation. In this first talk we hone in on the meat and potatoes of the message they need to hear. 

  • Talk 2: Commission. Lastly, we send them off with the challenge to make disciples! 

Retreat Topics and Themes

Below are a few retreat topics and themes we offer. They are suggestions to provide a framework for your retreat and are moldable for your needs!

  • The Father's Love  

    • Growing in trust of God the Father.

  • Full Send: Refocus on the Great Commission

    • Discovering one's role in Salvation History as a Missionary Disciple.​

  • Authentic Friendships: Partners on the Way to Heaven

    • Naming and choosing true friendships that lead one to holiness.

  • A Relationship with Jesus Christ

    • Knowing Who He Is and how to grow in relationship with Him.

  • 5 Proofs of God’s Existence: A Day with Thomas Aquinas

    • A basic introduction to Thomas' thought and why it is necessary in today's modern world.

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