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Aplas Catholic Retreats 

“A prophet is not without honor except in his own country and in his own house.” 

Matthew 13:57

As a D.R.E., campus minister, Theology teacher, or priest (the list goes on) you can most certainly relate to those words of Jesus. 


Why is it that the truth is most easily received by a community when it comes from someone outside of it?


It’s a frustrating question, and one that we as Theology teachers experienced every day!


That’s why when we got married, Rachel and I founded Aplas Catholic Retreats:


To provide encounters with the Truth in order to form purpose driven disciples.


Faithful Catholics

Even though we are cradle Catholics, both of us know what life is like without the Church. Rachel reverted to the Faith in college (after having been a self-proclaimed feminist), and I reverted in High School (after having been a self-proclaimed hippie). 


We didn’t know each other at that time, but Christ knew us. He encountered both us - and us, Him - in the Blessed Sacrament during Adoration - she was at SEEK and I was in the Basilica of a Benedictine Monastery… I would later study at that monastery for 4 years as a Seminarian.


Our love for the Eucharist has been burned into our hearts ever since. We wish to share that burning with the world (and have)! It’s one reason why we include Mass and Adoration in our full day retreats. 

Experienced Retreat Leaders 

Now that we’re married, what’s hers is mine and what’s mine is hers.

Taking liberty with this Sacramental reality,  I can say that combined, Rachel and I have…

... led over 20 retreats throughout Oklahoma. These were for audiences ranging  from elementary school students to college students. 

… presented as keynote speakers or MC’s for over 30 different Catholic and non-Catholic events. 

… and the numbers continue to grow. 


Our Approach to Evangelization: Intentionality

Jesus Christ knows us intimately. Far from being a distant-uncle-once-removed-type, He is closer to us than we are to ourselves. And He wants to be part of every facet of our lives.


However, as we’ve experienced first-hand, most have never encountered Him. Most do not know of Christ’s intentionality. 


One reason for this: because no one has been intentional with them. 


That’s why in order to more effectively lead our retreat-goers to Christ, we learn as much about the community we’re entering as possible. We want them to know that they are known. How else will the Holy Spirit effectively move their hearts?  


Furthermore, we are actively part of the community we enter. We mingle, we talk, we laugh, we joke… we become all things to all people. 


A relationship with Christ is NOT one size fits all, nor should a retreat be this way. 


What Sets Us Apart?

We Are Local

We have been (and are) active members of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City as parishioners of Saint Monica Catholic Church (currently implementing CCO for young adults) and as prior middle school/high school educators in the Catholic Schools. 


We Are Married

Together we are a Sacrament. With access to the graces received in Matrimony we are better equipped by God to face the challenges and joys of evangelization. Further, we strive to give the world an authentic witness of matrimony.

We Have Retreat and Speaker Experience

Combined we have led over 20 retreats throughout Oklahoma and have presented as keynote speakers or MC’s for over 30 different Catholic and non-Catholic events. 

We supplement the knowledge and formation gap after Confirmation

As the age for Confirmation is changing to 6th grade, it will be imperative to have more resources available for parishes and schools to form their students until college. With this new and exciting change, we want to be an instrument to keep and challenge students to be engaged in the Faith.

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